MY STORY is a long and windy road filled with twists and turns, pot holes, detours and a few dead ends. But it's my story and I am here to share it with you all.

My life is not your typical Olympic  Hopeful athlete story. My life has taught me to have patience, gratitude, a positive  attitude and a belief that life is what  you make it. I attribute my successes to hard work, perseverance, family,  and yes, even all the hardships.
Treigh Leigh Orchard
Treigh Leigh Orchard
I didn’t start running to win races and achieve awards. I didn’t start running to make my parents proud. I started running to escape. Escape my broken home, escape my insecurities, escape poverty and literally escape the bullies at my school who would tease and chase me. It was during one of those frightening episodes, having just escaped, that I realized I had a God-given gift of speed and that gift could carry me through whatever challenges were to come.

It was my Aha! moment. Running gave me discipline. Running gave me the self-confidence I was looking for. Running saved me then, and running has saved me now.
“Treigh believed in me when I didn’t. She had confidence in my abilities and encouraged me to try harder.” -- Sunghoon J. (100m/LJ)
SPRINTING IS AN ART. But like any art it requires hours and hours of practice and dedication. If you don’t love to practice continuously and diligently and don’t commit to studying and training the body, you’ll never master the art.

I am passionate about learning the art and science of speed and endurance training. I spend every day at the track and gym. From the crack of dawn and then back at it again until dark. I want to see what my body can handle mentally and physically and how far I can push it. I don't believe in fitness boundaries. I believe that boundaries are meant to be broken. I believe in trusting the process and the mystery of the human will.

Sprinting is more complex than just running. A sprinter is constantly chasing that perfect sprint where technique and time is everything. Every slight movement from the blocks to the finish line matters. Every day I am laser-focused on tweaking my technique and fine-tuning my skills so I can shave that fraction of a second off my time. Every day I am working to get one step closer to mastering my art.
Treigh Leigh Orchard
is my life and my love.

I’m proud to be an American 400m Sprinter, who’s currently training for the 2020 Track and Field Olympic Trials. Along the way I have learned so much and I continue to learn more each day. And while I started this path on my own, many years ago, my hope going forward is to share the experience with a wide world of people who love and support the sport. And, I especially want to share what I know with those I have the great privilege of coaching and teaching.
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“Tenacity, discipline, self-confidence, and a
positive attitude are my guiding forces. They
drive me to do better. Every day.”
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