Training for a professional competition is a full-time job that requires hours and hours of training and maintenance. I am competing with Elite Athletes who get paid to train 6 hours a day, 6 days a week. But I believe with your help I can achieve this goal while I work 3 jobs and train in-between. The donations go to training, competition fees, and post recovery training methods to keep my body at 110%. Any amount matters. Thank you for all the support and keep an eye out for Treigh Orchard as she competes her way to a qualifying 400m time for the summer USA 2020 Olympic Trials in Eugene, Oregon!!

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“Coach Treigh is a prefect example of someone who really understands the importance of being a supportive coach and with her experience uses it to help athletes grow into a stronger, more confident version of themselves. She is truly someone who enjoys coaching and the art of the sport itself.” -- Eva M. (Pole Vault)
Treigh Leigh Orchard
Treigh Leigh Orchard
“I stay delusional and eat doubts for breakfast, lunch and dinner.”
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