About The Copper Lark
Kelsey Weingart, Owner of The Copper Lark As far back as I can remember I always enjoyed helping people with this and that. I was a babysitter, a home sitter, a dog walker, an errand runner and I always enjoyed looking in on folks who were sick or injured. During my school years I made a lot of pocket money being helpful, but it was never about the money, it was about how good it felt to be of help to others. I still feel that way.

It’s no surprise that being a Certified Medical Assistant was my initial career path. It’s about helping others get the help they need. Sadly after being in the profession for a few years I found that in today’s world healthcare is less and less about health and care and more and more about data processing and budgets. Rather than stay in a field that felt so unfulfilling, I decided to turn my medical and care-giving experience into a stepping stone to something more personally rewarding―I opened The Copper Lark.

The Copper Lark provides a variety of services geared to help seniors live a more enjoyable, independent lifestyle. Aging can hamper us from doing the things that we used to do, things we liked to do and even things we need to do. Simple things like driving, shopping, holiday decorating, organizing etc. can become daunting tasks and a source of added stress as we age. That’s where we can help.

Enhancing Your Lifestyle
Do you have a list of things that you wish you could do but just can’t anymore? Are there places you wish you could go without having to ask for help from family and friends? Could you use a ride here or there without relying on random taxi cabs, Uber or bothering family? The Copper Lark offers a wide array of services to help you accomplish your wish list, get out more and live a more fulfilling and happy life. See our list of helpful services here >>

Supporting Loved Ones
Today everyone is living very busy lives. The daily demands of life, work and family make it hard to find the extra time necessary to help aging parents and give them the attention they need and deserve. When you were young they were always there to help and care for you. Now with a little help from The Copper Lark you can give them the attention and care they need.

We can help with this and that!
Breathe a sigh of relief knowing I’ll be there to help your mom or dad run errands, get to their appointments on time, help with various household tasks and so much more. With all of the errands complete and chores done, your stress factor will decrease and you will now be able to spend more quality time together. Here are the helpful services we provide >>

Need help or have questions? Give Kelsey a call at 971-325-7777.
Helping You with This and That!
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